Extended Factory Certification Lost After Upgrade
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Extended Factory Certification Lost After Upgrade


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A vendor certification was extended for virtual memory to include a new virtual memory metrics.  This was working fine under the current version of CAPM.  Recently the CAPM was upgraded to CAPM r3.7.8.  After the upgrade the virtual memory metrics were no longer collected.  




NetOps DX Performance Management


Could not determine the root cause.


The resolution in the end was to remove the changes made by the factory extended certification to virtual memory metric family. Once determined the virtual memory certification was OK by collecting the memory metrics, we then performed the steps again for extending the virtual memory metric (extended factory).  To roll back the changes:

To find the internal name do the following:

Within the CAPC UI go to Administration > Data Aggregator > Monitoring Configuration > Vendor Certifications

-Mobe the mouse on the "Name" column, click the cogwheel icon and choose "Columns" > add "Internal Name"

To verify how it was extended: 
<http://DA:8581/typcatalog/certifications/snmp/extension/<internal> vc name>

To undo, get the extension, and remove the  additional information added and do a PUT.  It will remove all the changes made. 

Afterwards click on Update Metric family and finally do a stop and start polling of the device. 

Please note the it will still state "Extended Factory" even though we have removed the changes made by extending the factory certification (virtual memory in this example). 

Afterwards perform the steps again for extending the metric family.  In the scenario the customer performed the steps to put back the extended factory metric.  Now CAPC was collecting metrics for virtual memory including the extended factory.