BLOC GCP Migration
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BLOC GCP Migration


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Why are we migrating to Google Cloud Platform?

Symantec’s integration into Broadcom has presented operational and business opportunities that we are eager to embrace.These opportunities will enable us to sharpen our focus on what we do best, which is delivering industry leading security software and services for our customers. To help accelerate our cloud roadmap and strengthen integrations across our backend systems and applications, we will consolidate our system platforms. Operating from a common platform will deliver these benefits:

  • Homogenous compute and networking environments 
  • Reduced latency for service-to-service communications
  • Common platform components across services
  • Increased support of systems and applications within the Broadcom internal Information Technology teams.

To achieve this, our cloud services that currently operate in Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).This seamless transition will provide significant customer value and simplification of our operational environment.We want to stress that our applications are not changing; only the underlying infrastructure is changing.


Will customers be required to take any action?

Customers will not be required to make any changes. During the migration, we will maintain both the current and new environments in parallel to ensure a seamless transition. For the majority of customers, the disruption will be little to none.

What will be migrated?

The BLOC backend systems, which provide anti-spam services for  Symantec Email Security products. This includes internal tools, software update systems, databases and the public facing reputation portal which will be migrated to Google Cloud Platform.

When is the migration targeted?

Migration of AWS to GCP: Targeting Q1 2021

Does Symantec have any plans to take advantage of any other GCP regions outside of the US?

Not currently.

Why GCP?

Google is the world’s largest and most diverse hyper-scale cloud application provider. Their cutting-edge network and platform technologies will benefit all Symantec's cloud-delivered services. Google’s high-speed network ensures optimal performance from virtually anywhere in the world. Other key features:

  • GCP maintains a strong privacy policy and is separate from Google’s consumer business, ensuring that your data is not subject to any form of data mining
  • All the security controls built into our application today will be carried into GCP
  • Symantec’s GCP tenant is fully isolated from other GCP tenants
  • GCP is trusted by leading brands, including large financial institutions