ACWP and Total Hours not Updating
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ACWP and Total Hours not Updating


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There are a couple of projects that have zero actual hours, as well as a $0 ACWP amount. However, it's expected that both of these values be greater than 0. 


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First, the resources must have a rate for the project. For this,  the project needs to be associated to a rate matrix, if not already, and the Rate Matrix Extraction job will need to run. 

The approved timesheets with time against these projects will then need to be posted by running the Post Timesheets job. 

For Usage and Current Baseline data at the investment level run the 'Investment Allocation' job. 

  • Release 16.0.2  
    • Job Name = 'Update Investment Allocations and Usage
    • The job has been enhanced and parameters added so the job can target a specific investment, investments associated with a specific investment manager or investments associated with specific OBS Units.
    • The job will now also process Custom Investment Types (CITs) 
    • Refer to additional articles for more details. 
  • Prior to 16.0.2  
    • Job Name = 'Investment Allocation
    • No Job Parameters
    • The job does not process Custom Investment Types (CITs) 


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