Spectrum OneClick Console High Memory Utilization
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Spectrum OneClick Console High Memory Utilization


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Spectrum OneClick console performance is sluggish and frequently unresponsive.  Console Memory Usage is consistently between 80-85% with frequent spikes up to 100%.  

Java Memory Usage configuration is: 96MB (Minimum Client Memory Usage), 1024MB (Maximum Client Memory Usage)

Increasing either of the above settings results in the Client not launching.  


Release : 20.2.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


The maximum memory that can be allocated to the OC Client with 32 Bit Java is 1024MB.

You can install 64 Bit Java on the workstation and then allocate greater than 1024MB to the OC Client which should resolve the issue.

Additional Information

How can the CA Spectrum OneClick client be forced to use either the 32bit or 64bit java jre when both 32bit and 64 bit java are installed?