The CA Spool Roscoe menu interface is not using the correct userid.
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The CA Spool Roscoe menu interface is not using the correct userid.


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When the CA Spool menu interface is used from CA Roscoe after the release 11.7 upgrade, the userid assigned to the started task ( e.g. ROSCOE) is displayed.
If that userid has not been added to the security interface, the user can experience security errors reported by ESFPOPEN calls such as status codes 21 and 32.


Customer upgrading to release 11.7 of CA Spool configured to use the CA Roscoe menu interface under any release of z/OS.


Member BQ4JIUCL provided in the CBQ4JCL dataset is missing information for the CA Roscoe menu interface to be setup properly.


The CA Spool release 11.7 PTF RO49539 provides a new version of the BQ4JIUCL member that is distributed in the CBQ4JCL dataset.
Those changes require this member to be customized again and then submitted for execution.
You are also required to follow and check that all the CA Roscoe installation steps found in the CA Spool Customization Guide have been completed.
Once completed issue command REINIT,MODULES,ON command against the CA Spool Started Task using the following modify command:


Recycle the CA Spool started task and confirm that the expected userid is set and use instead of the userid assigned to the CA Roscoe started task.

Additional Information:

The solution has been already sourced into newer releases of CA Spool.


Release: CMASLI00200-11.7-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser