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The Percent Complete of several projects is not updating to reflect the current progress despite there being several tasks already marked as completed.

The % Complete Calculation Method is set to Duration and the Update % Complete job has been running successfully.

After investigating, part of the issue was due to there being various tasks that had been incorrectly set as milestones. However, after modifying these tasks to no longer be milestones, the issue still persists.


This can occur if the template that was used to create these projects was created in Microsoft Project (even if the project was to be managed in Clarity from then on). In Microsoft Project, when a task is created with assignments having no ETC, Microsoft Project automatically sets the tasks to be a 0 day duration Milestone. If the Milestone option is then deselected from these tasks, the task duration remains the same at 0 days. (The only ways to update the duration to a non-zero amount in MSP would be to do so manually by either increasing the number of days and setting the task as a Fixed Duration task or by adding work ETC hours to the assignments.)

When a task like this is uploaded to Clarity, Clarity accepts the task as it comes from Microsoft Project, even if in Clarity a task like this cannot be manually created. In Clarity, we cannot create a 0 day duration task (milestone or not) with an assigned resource.


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Component : CA PPM Project Management/Microsoft Project


To get the % Complete to update as expected, the duration on the tasks will need to be recalculated. This needs to be done manually per task by updating the task dates in order to trigger the duration to update to a duration greater than 0 days.

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