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Which defect types are included as Availability or Performance Defects in the APM Real-Time Transaction Monitoring (RTTM) Introscope Investigator?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



The APM Real-Time Transaction Monitoring feature (RTTM, commonly called BTStats), can be viewed in the Introscope Investigator. This includes metrics for Total Performance Defective Transactions Per Interval and Total Availability Defective Transactions Per Interval. Which defect types are part of each group ?


  1. The following defect types will be counted as Availability Defects.
    • Missing Response
    • Partial Response
    • Missing Component/ Missing Transaction
    • HTTP errors which include
      • Client request error
      • Server Response error
      • Unauthorized access
      • Content error
    • HTTP Response Header Parameter

  2. The following defect types will be counted as Performance Defects.
  • Slow time
  • Fast Time
  • Low throughput
  • High throughput
  • Small size
  • Large Size


Component: APMCEM