Date Builder skips the start date
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Date Builder skips the start date


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


When using the Date Builder function on a new or existing calendar, the Start Date is not included in the dates selected after selecting "Create Dates". The dates created will start with the day directly after the specified start date.The documentation reads for "Start Date": "The earliest date on which the Calendar will include days.

If the Start Date set to 01-15-2020, end date set to 2-15-2020 in the Calendar's Date Builder tab:


Expected Behavior:The first date will be 01-15-2020


Actual Behavior:The first date is 01-16-2020


Applications Manager 9.3


Work Around:

Select the date 1 day prior to the intended start date.



This will be resolved with the release of Applications Manager 9.4 tentatively scheduled for September 2020.