Arcotsm failing the load 404 error
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Arcotsm failing the load 404 error


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We are seeing in our nonprod environment an error with http://host:8080/arcotsm
This page was working originally after our 9.1 CP1 update, and then was unused for about 1 week. when we attempted to begin testing the new host, we discovered this issue.

Our other health check come back normally, this seems to be specific to arcotsm.

here is some potentially related logs in the catalina logs:

10:19:31.800 [main] ERROR com.arcot.integrations.toksvr.util.TsUtils - Unable to load properties file from /opt/CA/AdvAuth
10:19:31.805 [main] ERROR com.arcot.integrations.toksvr.shared.WebAppProperties - Unable to load configuration from /


Release : 9.1

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


State Manager application could not read the file which it need at the following location ARCOT_HOME/conf/afm


The error message indicates that the State Manager application is not able to read the which it need to start up.

The problem might be happening because the ARCOT_HOME environment variable is not set or the user who is starting the Application Server ( Tomcat ) does not not have access to the ARCOT_HOME/conf/AFM directory where the Properties files are placed.

The error message can also happen if file is not present at ARCOT_HOME/conf directory which gets generated after running the ArcotAFMWizard application.

Please verify above steps and make sure all are verified so the application can work without issues.