Brocade MLXe Routers missing chassis module in Spectrum 10.4.1.


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We had a outage on one of the MLXe Routers where the OS turned off a module which was not recognized by Spectrum 10.4.1.

There was a Brocade_Patch_D03 for Spectrum 10.3 which did fix it in the past. We need that patch urgently for Spectrum 10.4.1. It did show the missing modules but not all of the entity-mib


The entAliasMappingIdentifier data is missing in the Cisco Nexus walk file.
Spectrum code checks for this entAliasMappingIdentifier attribute. As this attribute has no value, spectrum fails in associating the port with its module.
This is bug from Cisco. Without entAliasMappingIdentifier data we will not be able to show device's under chassis manager.



Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Changes were already ported/merged to 10.3.1. so no patch is needed and the solution is common to multiple vendor Chassis devices.

Please check the ForceEntityModeling and EnableEntityModuleModeling attribute value set to "Yes" or "No" on the device.
If set to "No" change the value of ForceEntityModeling and EnableEntityModuleModeling attribute value to "Yes"
Open the MTE and change values of ForceEntityModeling and EnableEntityModuleModeling on BrocadeRtr/0x43b007e to "Yes/true".

Add the following tag to ".vnmrc" file.

Additional Information

10.03.00.D03.DE381645 Release Notes

Cisco Nexus not listed in chassis manager.
DE381645, 0114380)