What reply should be made to message U11d-0230-2?


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This Knowledge Document describes the appropriate reply for the U11D-0230-2 SUBSYSTEM CAL7 ALREADY ACTIVE; REPLY 'O'


The U11D-0230-2 SUBSYSTEM CAL7 ALREADY ACTIVE; REPLY 'O' TO OVERRIDE OR 'A' TO ABORT DBAS message normally occurs when a previous attempt to start CA Workoad Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (CA 11) was incomplete or the previous shutdown of CA 11 was not a normal shutdown. The message is issued to safeguard against starting a second identical subsystem on a given LPAR while another is already active there.


DBAS initialization is being attempted using a configuration file that specifies a subsystem name parameter SSN=xxxx. Another subsystem with the identical name appears to be already active.


If DBAS is already active, reply 'A' to the message. A U/1021 abend will result for the DBAS that issued U11D0230-2. When a previous attempt to start CAL7 was incomplete or a previously active DBAS was unable to shut down successfully, leaving a DBAS control block in an invalid state then reply 'O' to the message to continue DBAS initialization.


After the reply of 'O' is made at that point CA 11 will either initialize successfully or generate additional message(s) if any further problems exist. Any further message(s) will identify outstanding problem(s) that need to be addressed. Once the problem has been addressed, the next attempt of CA 11 will again receive U11d-0230-2, and should be given reply of 'O' to allow CA 11 to initialize successfully.


Release: ELEVEN00200-11-Workload Automation-Restart Option-for Z/OS Schedulers