Long URL Attribute Displays Over Other Fields in the New UX
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Long URL Attribute Displays Over Other Fields in the New UX


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In the New UX, when a long URL attribute is displayed, it is not wrapped or hidden inside the expected maximum width for the attribute box, Instead, it expands as necessary and displays over other fields.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In the Project Object, create a new URL attribute with maximum size set to 2000 (or a high value) and an API Attribute ID.
  2. Configure the New UX to display this attribute. In the blueprint layout, ensure that the link attribute is displayed in the same row as other attributes and that it has at least one attribute displayed at the right side of the URL attribute.
  3. For a project, enter a very long URL.

Expected Results: The URL is either wrapped (displayed over multiple lines), or only the portion that fits in the attribute width is displayed.

Actual Results: The URL is expanded as needed and displayed over other attributes.


This issue has been observed in Clarity 15.7.1 and 15.8.


This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE55572.


The issue has been fixed in our development code and the fix is targeted to be included in our next release, 15.9, as well as be backported to 15.8.1 patch #2.