How to do a SYNC of CA Directory Manually when the EEM Cluster Setup fails and give you a 846 Network Error
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How to do a SYNC of CA Directory Manually when the EEM Cluster Setup fails and give you a 846 Network Error


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This document take you step by step on synchronizing the CA Directory DB manually what the SYNC command does not work for the customer.



Release: ETRIA199000-8.4-Embedded Entitlements Manager


During the EEM Failover Cluster setup (provided in the EEM Implementation Guide title "How to Setup a failover environment?") you get a 846 Network error when trying to run the java setup in the secondary server you get the 846 error every time; Which will not let you run the sync command.

The following is the java command that is needed to run the cluster setup

java -jar eiam-clustersetup.jar -p <FQDN_PrimaryServerName>

In this ClusterSetup command, CA Directory is able to sync all the database entries from the primary server to the secondary. We will be running through the same steps manually.

<Hostname1> and <Hostname2>
We can do that last step manually so the database syncs up and the information can be copied over to the secondary server. Once the information is copied, updates are sent successfully.

on <Hostname1> (Primary)

Open up the command prompt and type: "telnet localhost 10510"

This will return with a screen that says "<dsa>"

At the dsa prompt type

dump dxgrid-db; (it will give you a message that dump is being created)

Then type "logout;" to exit the program.

Open up you window explorer and navigate to DXHOME/data/iTechPoz-<Hostname2>/

You will find an iTechPoz-<Hostname>.zdb You will need to copy this over to iTechPoz-<Hostname2>.

On iTechPoz-<Hostname2>(Secondary)

On the Command prompt type "dxserver stop itechpoz-<Hostname2>"

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to: DXHOME/data/itechpoz-<Hostname2>

Delete the itechpoz-<Hostname2>.tx file

Rename the itechpoz-<Hostname2>.db to itechpoz-<Hostname2>.old

Copy the itechpoz-<Hostname1>.zdb from <Hostname1> to this <Hostname2> under this same folder.

Rename the itechpoz-<Hostname1>.zdb to itechpoz-<Hostname2>.db

dxserver start all

Star will create a "new" itechpoz-<Hostname2>.tx

Now you can test the replication by creating a test policy on primary and c