archive_events with -m switch & table details
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archive_events with -m switch & table details


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Recently, we found an issue where someone was able to define a job to a non-existent machine.  Now, this machine did exist at one time--but, the delete_machine was done back in December 2019.  The new jobs were defined at the end of May.

In some recent work with the DBMaint script, we reviewed the DBMaint that comes "out of the box".  There was an archive_events with the -m switch listed.  We are not doing that one today.  

We were able to recreate our scenario in a clone environment.  Once we ran the archive_events with the -m switch, then we could no longer define jobs to non-existent machines.

As we are trying to determine what the -d value should be for the archive_events -m, we are trying to determine what the -d value should be.

So, what is stored in the ujo_machine table?  Would having a -d value of 1 day, be too small?  We are trying to prevent jobs from being defined to non-existent machines.

If it is easier to talk verbally, please let me know...I am working at home--and not at the number indicated.  I can call into a conference bridge--whatever is easier.

We are on sp7


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


The ujo_machine stores definition of machines defined for AutoSys.

When you define a machine its is_active is set to 1.

When a machine is deleted, the row for the machine in ujo_machine is not deleted but is_active is set to 0.

When you run "archive_events -m n_days", it looks for rows for machines that have been deleted, i.e. is_active=0, and have been in the table for more than n_days and delete those rows.