Windows 2008 32-bit OS supported or not
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Windows 2008 32-bit OS supported or not


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have some servers with OS "windows server 2008 (32bit)" on which we are installing 32 bit silent robot Installer (7.96 version) but its either showing down in NImsoft console or not reporting to console. Could you pls confirm if windows server 2008 (32 bit) is supported or not . These robot need to report to client HUB with version 9.30.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ROBOT


Windows 2008 32-bit was supported and tested up to robot version v7.80 but is now at end of sale(EOS)/support as of UIM 20.1.

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Additional Information

Q. On this W2K8 OS can the robot be updated to v9.30?

A. You may be able to upgrade to robot v9.30 but you must keep in mind that Windows 2008 is no longer supported nor tested going forward. Keep in mind that Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 2008 as well.

Please refer to: 

Q. Can the robot v7.96 be upgraded and run on "Windows Server 2008, 32-bit?"

A. You can try it, but,

a) you have to keep in mind that its officially tested and supported ONLY on robot v7.80 and not higher robot versions and

b) Windows 2008 is no longer supported as of UIM v20.1 or higher, and

c) Flash is deprecated as of the end of this year, so with UIM v20.3 coming out, customers should plan on upgrading to 20.1 or higher.


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