How does ASM handle two identical OPMS?
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How does ASM handle two identical OPMS?


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If there are two OPMS with the same IP address, same Hostname and configured under the same Location in ASM, how will ASM handle this situation?




The same station with the same hostname in the same location is not supported. By installing both OPMS with the installer it will treat it as one station and will overwrite the DB entries (it will not get two identical stations in the DB). 
By simply cloning the machine (eg: in virtualbox) both stations will have the same tunnel ID, which is used to identify the station when connecting to the tunnel server, so if both stations try to connect, one of them will be rejected and will not be possible to know which one was as they can steal the connections from each other. 

For loadbalancing purposes the correct way is to have 2 different stations in the same Location in ASM, however if one of the OPMS has been cloned and therefore it has the same IP, Hostaname, OS, Network Settings, etc..  then to do the loadbalancing or switching between the OPMS the process will be:

1.- Stop the primary OPMS
2.- Start the cloned OPMS

If you want to switch back:
1.- Stop the cloned OPMS
2.- Start the primary OPMS

The above procedure will work but make sure the clone has been created as follows:
1.- Install one OPMS
2.- Start it to load all the dockers
3.- Stop the OPMS
4.- Make a clone