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I have configured a profile in order to run an .sh script vía nexec probe. It does fail with all execution levels. All user have read and execution permissions over the script, but even if I select "Available to all" the script is not executed. I need to run this script using nexec in order to avoid using cron.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - NEXEC


nexec just executes programs or scripts. So if your command is -> xxx start, create a .bat or .sh on the system and put that command it in.

You can of course log to a file as well. Then have the nexec probe call the script you created (locally) on the Windows/UNIX system.

You can use a simple command, something like this as a test.

Create a new file called using a text editor such as vi in Linux->

Add the following code:
echo "Hello World"

Set the script executable permission by running chmod command in Linux: chmod +x or just use chmod 755

Execute the shell script in Linux: ./ to make sure it runs.

Use that script in your nexec configuration. Make sure that the shell script is stored and referenced locally.

nexec guide attached.


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