Please confirm the SFTP plugin is able to authenticate against AD in Linux


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scp job with sftp\upload option fails when using a AD account user
account is added in autosys_secure but it fails to authenticate scp server


Authentication needed to be recognized from two ends autosys end and AD end or it fails authentication


Release : 11.3

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


- Make sure to add the user with Active Directory domain in correct format in autosys_secure so Domain would be recognized by Active Directory.

- This setting is partially combined with the Active Directory Services that expects the format to be like below:

- Some providers, such as Active Directory, support multiple different name formats. Active Directory and Identity Management, for example, support     three different formats by default:
  1.  username
  2. [email protected]
  3. DOMAIN\username
   The default value for Active Directory and Identity Management providers, then, is a more complex filter that allows all three name formats:

- As mentioned above formats, try any one of the format that could help to run jobs successfully.