OPS/MVS Errno/Rsn=112/112B00B6 in SYSLOG at initialization of region
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OPS/MVS Errno/Rsn=112/112B00B6 in SYSLOG at initialization of region


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


In ops 13.5 we set up the OPSSLGP task for the replacement of NSM (CACS).

Since then we have had difficulties starting OPSSLGP2.

1- Following the ipl opsslgp2 never started.

N 0140000 DEV1     2020159 03:47:39.43 STC49544 00000090  FSUM1252 SYSLOGD  RECONFIGURATION COMPLETE                          
M 4000000 DEV1     2020159 03:47:39.43 STC49544 00000291  BPXF024I (BPXOINIT) Jun  7 03:47:39 localhost/BPXOINIT SYSLOGD 239  
D                                           239 00000291  syslogd: FSUM1206 socket: EDC5112I Resource temporarily unavailable.
E                                           239 00000291  Errno/Rsn=112/112B00B6 

2- At midnight the task seems to stop / start for the creation of the new log file once again OPSSLGP2 has not started.

Jun  5 00:05:06 SBMV04/BPXOINIT SYSLOGD  syslogd: FSUM1220 syslogd: restart
Jun  5 00:05:16 SBMV04/BPXOINIT SYSLOGD  syslogd: FSUM1220 syslogd: restart 


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


Per IBM documentation: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/omproute-startup-problems  

The Errno/Rsn=112/112B00B6 indicates that TCPIP had not yet completed initializing.   

Also verify that fix SO14390 has been applied if running OPS/MVS R13.5.