WASP 20.1/20.4 Unable to Start After the Upgrade
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WASP 20.1/20.4 Unable to Start After the Upgrade


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Upgrade from UIM 9.0.2 to 20.1 and now the Primary Hub wasp does not start.
This was working fine before the upgrade. UMP wasp is working fine after the upgrade but the Primary Hub wasp is giving a problem.
Same problem has also been reported after upgrading to 20.4


Release : 20.1 - 20.4
Component : UIM - INSTALL


The packages that get deployed to the Primary Hub wasp namely:
uimhome, mps, adminconsoleapp and uimesdplatelemetry
had their .war files deployed to the correct directory

but none of the war files had expanded to create the relevant subdirectories for the webapps. Only ROOT directory and all the .war existed under <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp/webapps

Deactivated the Primary Hub wasp and manually expanded the war files using unzip utility.
The unzip created the relevant directories under the webapps folder.
Activating wasp after that allowed it to start up okay.