CA View - What View 12.2 PTFs are needed for upgrade to z/OS 2.4 and CA View upgrade to R14?


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The client is running CA View R12.2 on z/OS 2.2, and is planning to upgrade z/OS from 2.2 to 2.4.

After upgrading z/OS, the client will be upgrading CA View from R12.2 to R14.

There are the following questions:

 . Is View 12.2 PTF RO98194 the only required PTF for CA View R12.2 to be compatible with z/OS 2.4?

 . Are there any coexistence, fallback, or migration PTFs required for CA View R12.2 when upgrading to CA View R14?



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


Per the following z/OS compatibility table:

. CA View/Deliver 12.2 actually have the following PTFs, for z/OS 2.3 and higher:

. . CA View 12.2 PTF RO98194 -- 8-character userid
. . CA Deliver 12.2 PTF RO98193 -- 8-character userid

. CA View/Deliver 14.0 show the following PTFs, for z/OS 2.3 and higher:

. . CA View 14.0 PTF RO98009 -- 8-character userid
. . CA Deliver 14.0 PTF RO98010 -- 8-character userid

Other than the regular reverting (falling back) instructions, there are no PTFs needed between View/Deliver 12.2 and 14.0.