DX Dashboards - How sharing DX Dashboard works
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DX Dashboards - How sharing DX Dashboard works


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Is there documentation on how the sharing of DX Dashboard works?


https://grafana.dxi-na1.saas.broadcom.com/d/APMSummary/apm-summary?orgId= ##&from=##=##&to=#then##=so

so if I click on this link in same browser ok. I connected fine.  Put in new browser, prompts for username and password.  



no context to tenancy in above link.



I did not find the documentation on this.

What needs to be done to get this working?


Release : DX SaaS 20.4 / AXA

Component : DX Dashboard


Known issue - will be fixed in an upcoming release. 


1) User shares a dashboard URL
2) The new user clicks on the URL without prior logging into SaaS/AXA currently lands on the Grafana login page. - > This is not intended to be.
This will be now directed to DX SaaS/DX Platform login page which is - > https://axa.dxi-na1.saas.broadcom.com/ - This page allows you to enter your user id, password and tenant id.
Currently the Grafana page is loaded. This is not correct. New version will have SaaS page.
3) The user then logs into SaaS and once authenticated, the user needs to paste the shared URL again on the landing page or on a different tab of the same browser.
(This is the new - and coming up in the new release 20.6).
4) If the user is already logged in (step 2) - The dashboard is loaded if and only if the user is from the same tenant. If they are not the Dashboard not found is thrown.

There is no documentation yet - APM Doc Team is working on it.