How to determine which cluster node ran an instance?
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How to determine which cluster node ran an instance?


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CA Process Automation Base


We have deployed a 2 node Domain Orchestrator cluster.  We want to learn how to find a process start from which node.

Is there anything in the user interface or Database to help?


Component : Process Automation

Release : 4.3 sp2
Release : 4.3 sp3
Release : 4.3 sp4
Release : 4.3 sp5



There is no method to determine which of your Orchestrator nodes a process instance runs on.  

When 2 clustered an Orchestrator acts as a single entity that just happens to be deployed on 2 (or more) different systems and the internal engines internal logic determines and allocates instances execution based available processing power.  

Additionally, while the engine attempts to run an instance from start to completion on one node, that is not necessarily going to occur everytime and one instance might run partially on all nodes of a cluster before it reaches completion.




Additional Information

If you need a process to run on a specific server you could install an agent, set that agent as a touchpoint and force specific instances to run on that touchpoint.