CA Deliver: Is there a limit to the number of reports a job can have?


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There are jobs defined in ca deliver. how many reports can be added to them? Are any limits? 


Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


There are no limits to the number of reports that can be added to a CA Deliver job.

There are limits as to the number of DD's in a job, but this is a system defined limit rather than a CA Deliver limitation.

. The only limitation in Deliver is the number of Stacked reports per DDname in a job. 

 . Each stacked report is an allocated DD statement.     
   If you are running with the default TIOT table (32K), then you can allocate approximately 1600 datasets. 

   If you are running with an expanded TIOT table (64K), then you can allocate approximately 3200 datasets. 

 . Please note that the above are system limits, and not Deliver limits. 

   The system limits will be reached before any Deliver limits are. 

Additional Information

The maximum number of DD statement that can be used in a Job step in 3273