Oneclick mysql using 99% CPU Utilization Constantly
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Oneclick mysql using 99% CPU Utilization Constantly


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CA Spectrum


The mysql process on the OneClick server is using 99% cpu utilization constantly. Restarting the OneClick tomcat does not correct the problem as
   the cpu utilization returns shortly there after.


Release : 10.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


OneClick was integrated with CA Performance Manager and did not have enough memory to run efficiently. The memory resource issue was causing the OneClick
   server to run slow and we could see continual mysql queries executing for the PM integration.

via mysql show full process list


Increased the OneClick tomcat memory from 4096M to 12288M (12GB)

* Note: the amount of memory you will need to set for the tomcat server will depend on the amount of memory available on the
       server and the size of the environment being monitored. In some cases 8192 would be ok and in others more might be needed 24576.

After increasing the OneClick Web Server memory and restarting tomcat mysql returned to normal cpu utilization and the
   CA PM synchronization succeeded as well.