Oracle probe generating False Alarm
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Oracle probe generating False Alarm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In one server oracle probe is generating false connection failure alarm. When we got the alarm immediate we check the connection and found connections are established but alarm stays in alarm window and not auto cleared.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - ORACLE

oracle v5.45

robot v9.20HF7


- The oracle probe for AIX is tested and supported on AIX v7.1 but not 7.2.


Please try this:

1. open the oracle probe in raw configure mode
2. go to connections
3. on the affected connections () add a key/value as below
4. timeout = 20 secs
(an example of this key is visible in sample_conn connection)
5. Increase loglevel to 5 and logsize to 30000
6. Please monitor this issue until you can see a new occurrence.

Please check:

oracle Preconfiguration Requirements


If you're monitoring Oracle instances, we require the local tnsnames.ora file for the oracle client the probe is using have the entries for the instances that need to be monitored.

Check the section on controller environment variables, add and configure them.

PATH (should include the ORACLE bin directory.)
AIX requires the LIBPATH as well. oracle probe version 4.71 does not support AIX 6 and 7. You need 4.90 or higher.

Check which version of Oracle you are monitoring, if its Oracle 12c,

There is a known memory leak issue in Oracle libraries that occurs on Oracle 12c. This information is documented in probe release notes:

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at probe level to fix this. The solution we always recommend is to use the Oracle client 11g.
See also-> 

Note that we do not support 32-bit oracle clients on a 64-bit OS.
The oracle client we use must MATCH the OS bit level.

The oracle probe for AIX is tested and supported on AIX v7.1 but not 7.2.