Invalid password errors after upgrade to 12.x
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Invalid password errors after upgrade to 12.x


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After upgrading AWA to version 12.2 or higher, the WP logs will show the error:

U00005142 An invalid password in login object 'LOGIN.OBJECT.NAME' was deleted (host: '*', type: 'WINDOWS', login: 'DOMAIN\USER'). Please enter a valid password for affected record.


Automic Workload Automation 12.2
Automic Workload Automation 12.3


In previous versions of AWA (12.1 and before), there was a bug that allowed login object entries to be stored in a format which could not be decrypted by the agent when running jobs. 
Version 12 is capable of unlimited passwords lengths and with version 12.2 and later there is a check at start up that checks for passwords that cannot be decrypted due to the bug in previous versions. 
If any invalid logins are found, an error will be written to the WP logs.


Unfortunately there is not a way to check for login objects that are corrupt without updating to a version with the check and looking at the WP logs.
WP logs should be checked at startup for the error message and the login objects should be updated with the latest user/password information (or removed if no longer in use) so that they are stored in a format that can be decrypted by the agent.

Additional Information

You are able to identify all logins whose password could not be migrated with the following SQL statement:


select oh_client, oh_name, olc.* from olc
join oh on olc_oh_idnr = oh_idnr
where olc_pw is NOT null
and oh_deleteflag = 0

Passwords that were successfully migrated have the column olc_pw set NULL. Passwords that were not successfully migrated have '000000......' in the olc_pw and olc_pkey and they can be identified with this Statement. Only these logins should be updated.