Use Software Update in z/OSMF to Install Functional Maintenance
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Use Software Update in z/OSMF to Install Functional Maintenance


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER


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How do you use the Software Update function in z/OSMF to Install Functional Maintenance ? 



Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager



  • If you need to receive PTFs, HOLDDATA or CA RS files into your SMP/E environment or check the current state of SMP/E environment, use Receive Order.

  • You can install only SYSMODs that are already received in the GLOBAL zone of the CSI.

To Run Software Update in your z/OSMF instance and Install Functional Maintenance

Follow these steps:

1.  Select Software Update 

2. Navigate to the Software instance and Zone selection section and choose the software instance to start maintenance.

3.  Click the Install Functional Button.

4. The Available Updates page opens.

5. Select Fix-Categories from the Name list.

6. Click Install selected to confirm your choice. 

7. You see the Preparing Updates module. Click the Next button when updates are ready.

8.   Click the angular bracket ">" next to the system to Review and resolve HOLDDATA.
9.   Select Resolve after Installation
10. Click the Run Apply Check button.
11. Click the Next button when updates are verified.
12. The Pre-Install Summary module opens.Check the list of updates, and click the Next button.
13. Wait for the installation process to finish, and click the Next button.Click the Next button.
14.  The Review and Resolve Post-Installation HOLDDATA, if unresolved HOLDDATA is present in the list.
15.  Expand each HOLD in the table. Click the Resolve button. Click the Next button.
16. You successfully Installed Functional Maintenance 


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