How to get the snmpEngineID on Messaging Gateway
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How to get the snmpEngineID on Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


Some SNMP utilities using SNMPv3 require that an snmpEnginID be provided for the target system. Messaging Gateway does not expose the SNMP Engine ID in the GUI when SNMPv3 is enabled so the system must be directly queried to get the snmpEngineID value.


Messaging Gateway


The OID for the snmpEngineID.0 value is

The snmpEngineID.0 value can be extracted from SMG by running the following command from any linux system with snmpget installed. Details for the user, hashAlgorithm, password, and hostname will depend on how SMG is configured in Administration > SNMP > Versions

snmpget -v3 -l authNoPriv -u [username] -a [hashAlgorithm] -A [password] -X [password] [hostname]

For example:

snmpget -v3 -l authNoPriv -u admin -a SHA -A password -X password smg
iso. = Hex-STRING: 80 00 1F 88 80 C7 65 DD 41 1C 3D DA 5E 00 00 00 00