Errors not being reported by Dot Net Agent
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Errors not being reported by Dot Net Agent


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APM DOT NET Agent not showing errors that are occurring within monitored application. 

We have APM 10.7 DOT NET Agent installed and enabled for some DOT NET application. This application transactions are also being monitored with CEM. We find that the CEM side is showing errors/exceptions 500, but APM DOT NET Agent is not showing any errors/exceptions.

The class names are: ServiceController1 and ServiceController2

When reviewing the agent logs, we see many skip statements for System.Web.HttpContext method.


Release : 10.7

Component : APM Agents


In this case it seems like custom tracing is being used. From autoprobe logs we can see

TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: ServiceController1.cs .ctor  ThisErrorReporter "Exceptions|{packageandclassname}:Errors Per Interval"

It seems like ".ctor" indicates constructor. The syntax of writing this directive is as below.

TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: <class-name> <method> <tracename> <metric-name>

Here "class-name" should be name of the class like "ServiceController1" but not the file name like "ServiceController1.cs"

Based on need, we may need to give fully qualified class name, for example like below

"" or something similar.

According to our support policy,
Support of the custom code/custom tracing is the responsibility of the customer or the author of the customization.

If further assistance is needed with custom solutions for the Broadcom Enterprise solutions, We suggest to contact our partner HCL Technologies. The HCL Enterprise Studio team (formerly the Services group within CA Technologies) can be reached at [email protected]