How to change Device Type in Data Aggregator
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How to change Device Type in Data Aggregator


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A device is discovered as a Switch but need it to be set as a Server.

Need a Switch to bring up the Server Context Dashboard Report in Performance Management.

Override Device Type in Performance Management.


All supported Performance Management releases


In this scenario we've discovered a Palo Alto device which was set with a Device Type of Switch. The device uses sysObjectID

To make these changes we edit the (default path) /opt/IMDataAggregator/data/custom/devicetypes/DeviceTypes.xml file.

To add Server to the device as a Device Type without removing the Switch type add the following section to the file:


To remove the Switch type and set the device to be a Server Device Type add the following section to the DeviceTypes.xml file. Note that sysServicesOverride is 'false' by default. In this case using true tells the system to override the default initially discovered Device Type value with the one specified.

  <sysObjectID sysServicesOverride="true"></sysObjectID>

After saving the file changes a new Discovery against the target device(s) is required. This can be done either via:

  1. Rediscovery button on the Details tab for a device when selected in the Monitored Devices page.
  2. Discovery Profile run against the devices IP address.
After the Discovery run confirm the Device Type seen for the device on it's Details tab has changed to the correct value.

Additional Information

  1. When editing the DeviceTypes.xml file to validate the DA read the new change we should see a message in the (default path) /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-<version>/data/log/karaf.log file. 

    • A sample message would be:

      • INFO  | mporter-thread-1 | 2020-06-04 13:41:18,332 | DiscoveryDefaultConfigListener | l.DiscoveryDefaultConfigListener  178 | .im.aggregator.discovery |       | Custom device type definition has been modified

  2. In order for the device to show the Context Report Dashboard for the new Device Type assigned, a Full Data Aggregator Synchronization needs to be run. Recommendation is to run that after hours to limit user impact in the web UI.