CCS Message Services will not start. Failed to start Apache ActiveMQ


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Installed the most recent CA Common Services 15.0 with maintenance.

When I try to start ZMSHUB, the STC runs and immediately completes with a RC=0, but the STC does not keep on executing as an address space.

Is this its normal behavior ?

The hubnode.log file shows the following errors:

INFO  [2020-06-04 02:40:56.131] [Message Service USS Hub] - [] [main] - Connector tcp started 
INFO  [2020-06-04 02:40:56.133] [Message Service USS Hub] - [] [main] - Apache ActiveMQ 5.15.3 (messageServiceHubNode, started 
INFO  [2020-06-04 02:40:56.133] [Message Service USS Hub] - [] [main] - For help or more information please see: 
WARN  [2020-06-04 02:40:56.134] [Message Service USS Hub] - [] [main] - Store limit is 102400 mb (current store usage is 0 mb). The data directory: /_PRDS/CCS/CCSZFS/cfgb/instance/messageServiceHub/data only has 43 mb of usable space. - resetting to maximum available disk space: 43 mb 
ERROR [2020-06-04 02:40:56.136] [Message Service USS Hub] - [] [main] - Failed to start Apache ActiveMQ (messageServiceHubNode, 
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
 at ~[message-service-hub-node.jar:na]


Improper definition of OMVS Segment for the userid under which the ZMSHUB task is running.

Look for following messages in joblog (SYSOUT) that may be an indicator of this problem:

 JVMJZBL2999T Setting current working dir to: ""
JVMJZBL2999W Could not set current directory to:


Release : 15.0


Have your security administrator review the security setting for the userid that the task is running under.

Have a look at the documented security setup...
Configure Message Service HUB for z/OS

Make certain that the userid has a valid OMVS segment defined and that the OMVS HOME Directory is defined and accessible to the id.