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BlazeMeter Test Running for Higher Number of Max Users than Total Userd


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Running a Performance Test on 2 load generators (Virginia Google & Mumbai Google) with 30 VU for 30 min with 1 min ramp up time. The problem is that we are seeing a higher number of VU than setup. Setup for 30 VU and ran 32 VU.



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Rounding issue.


Release : SAAS



This is more of a rounding issue with BlazeMeter.

Please refer to this KB article, section on Total Users:

Each of your thread groups was configured for 1.  You specified 30 users for 2 thread groups.  Each thread group will run 15 users.  You specified 2 engines.  Divide 15 by 2 and get 7.5.  Round up 7.5 to 8.  Then since you have 2 thread groups and two engines, multiply 8 x 4 and will get 32.

This is why Max Users of 32 was run.