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Zowe Endevor list elements failed


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Got Error message while trying to list elements using CA Endevor Plugin for ZOWE.

C:\Users\pp08337>zowe endevor list elements --endevor-p techplex --endevor-location-profile techplexloc
[INFO] list action executed in location: TST/1/EDGPROD/EDG0100 on element: *.JCLP
[INFO] Running on host: instance: endevor
Command Error:
http(s) request error event called
Error Details:
HTTP(S) client encountered an error. Request could not be initiated to host.
Review connection details (host, port) and ensure correctness.

Port:      6300
Base Path: EndevorService/rest
Resource:  endevor/env/TST/stgnum/1/sys/EDGPROD/subsys/EDG0100/type/JCLP/ele/*?data=all
Request:   GET
Headers:   [{"Accept":"application/json"}]
Payload:   undefined


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Brightside 3.0


Client request failure is caused by error in Endevor profile. 

Update Endevor profile to fix any incorrect information (Hostname, port, protocol).