Procedure group is not executed in sequence when agent is reporting to standalone scalability server.


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After deploying a Procedure group to a system connected to a single Scalability Server and set the job container to 'No linkage. Jobs executed sequentially but independent from each other' - the jobs are not executed in sequence.

If the agent  is connected to the Domain Manager - Scalability Server, it is working as expected.

On domain manager create a test package procedure group . For Example you can see procedure group with 1-8

Copy and paste the procedure group on agent machine. Select No Linkage . 

Prompt User at Package 1 and 8  . 

Job is created as expected . 

At agent job starts with Procedure 1. The job are executed as expected . 

Now change to other Scalability server :

Deploy same procedure group again after changing to other scalability server. Job container get created but on agent execution shows wrong sequence as shown below  

Try this job deployment multiple time . Every time it will show different sequence and it will ignore prompt with Procedure 1 and 8. 





Release : ITCM 14.0 SP2,SP3



 Procedure group sequence execution problem will be fixed in Next ITCM release and this change is blocked and confirmed. Currently there is no exact ETA for this.
Workaround is to point the agent to Domain Managers Scalability server and deploy the package.