WCC Derby DB files grow fast
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WCC Derby DB files grow fast


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The DB files under /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/ occupies the free space. It grows xxxMB per day.

What are these DB files for?
Why they grow so fast?
Can we compress the DB files.?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


We can control further database growth as follows by

1. Automatically deleting alerts which are acknowledged or closed.

Alerts Deletion Threshold

Specifies the number of days to store alerts in the database before deleting them.
Default: 7
Limits: 1-365

Preferences Section in the Configuration Application

2. You can clear all the jobs and alerts in the database cache for one or more servers. The cache will then be automatically rebuilt.

Clear the Server Cache

3. You can compress derby as mentioned in the documentation if the purge operation is properly done, Derby does not release disk space to the operating system.

Compress Derby

4. If you have reporting enabled on your environment. You can also go the reporting preferences to enable database cleanup.

Reporting Preferences

5. If the above steps do not help then you can rebuild the derby database as mentioned in the below article.

How to Rebuild the Derby Database for the CA Workload Control Center r11.3.5+