What is the Impact of changing Priority Default Value on Project Object?


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What is the Impact of changing  the Out of the Box Priority Default Value on Project Object from the default of 10 to 0?

  • Are there calculations connected to this field?
  • What other fields or functions are impacted by changing the default value for this field? Especially if the value in Priority is 0


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  • The one impact would be regarding how subprojects are auto scheduled in a master project.
  • See more details referenced in the OWB: Schedule Projects in Open Workbench documentation for Priority:
    • Defines the order in which subprojects are scheduled within a master project.
    • The priority amount that you enter here is used as the default priority for summary tasks.
    • Any lower-level WBS tasks that have been marked as inheriting the priority of its parent assume this priority amount.
    • For example, if the project has a priority of 0 through 9, its tasks are given the highest priority during scheduling.
    • If the project has a priority of 11 through 36, its tasks are given the lowest priority during scheduling.
  • See also Autoschedule by Task Priority
  • Changing the default from 10 to 0 would give projects by default a higher priority in autoscheduling
  • This change won't change the indicator color next to the Priority on the project page(s) it's set on (such as Project Properties) out of the box as both 0 and 10 are green (High)
  • See Display mappings below:

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