Filename with Right To Left Order character causes SEDR to display string backwards


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Endpoint Detection and Response


The Right to Left Order character causes a string to be display right to left instead of the English norm of left to right. A filename can include this non-printed character, which causes the filename to be displayed right to left. To do this, 

  1. Open Windows Character Map utility.
  2. Select any character. Notice the bottom line shows the Unicode character number of the character you selected.
  3. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to U+202E: Right-To-Left Override
  4. Press Select
  5. Press Copy
  6. Create a new file in Explorer called foo.txt
  7. Rename the file by selecting it and pressing F2
  8. Paste the Right-To-Left Override character from Character Map to just in front of the first character.
  9. Press enter
  10. The file should now be displayed right to left as "txt.oof"

In SEDR, this causes the whole line of any event description to be displayed backwards.


Symantec reproduced this behavior in a test lab environment.

Symantec is investigating at this time.