Retain data after robot Move to other domain
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Retain data after robot Move to other domain


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


As part of UIM migration to a new UIM version, we would like to move robots to a new domain.
if we move robots, data for the robot will not be moved, but data collection will start on the new instance after the robot starts reporting to the hub in the new domain. 

We have 5 years of data in the current domain. We would like to retain this data even after the move.

is there any way we can import/export data or move data from old domain to new domain.


Any UIM version 20.X and earlier



I am sorry there is not.
You will need to leave the old Domain instance up and running for historical reporting purposes.
We do not support manual import of QOS or alarm data into the database.