12.8 SP2 No longer Available for Download
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12.8 SP2 No longer Available for Download


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CA Single Sign On Federation (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) SITEMINDER


 The decision to pull SP2 was tied into licensing issues related to Oracle JDK, and the resulting switch over to OpenJDK.


Release : 12.8 SP2

Component : SiteMinder Policy Server


Q1:    12.8 SP2 Siteminder is no longer available for download due to JAVA license.  Couple of follow up questions on this as follows:

- For clients currently running on 12.8 SP2 , if they need the binaries , can Support team provide it to them ?

- 12.8 SP1 is still available for Download, how is this different from 12.8 SP2 ?


Q2:    I have a client that wants to install 12.8 SP3 policy Server on linux using Oracle JDK 1.8     They were Advised to use AdoptOpenJDK instead , however , they claim due to internal policy they cannot and they want the latest Supported version of SSO with Oracle JDK which is in this case 12.8 SP2 .


As we are no longer able to give them this release and honestly I do not want to recommend 12.8 SP1 ,  if they get 12.8 SP3 working with Oracle JDK (same version of the AdoptOpenJDK that we list as certified) on Redhat , will they have any support Issue with Broadcom or does this fall under the Reasonable commercial effort ?




A1:     No.  Support team can't provide SP2.    SP1 is still available.  THat is as it should be.   Attached is the decision tree legal provided that resulted in SP2 not being avail but SP1 being avail.   (please see attached)


A2:    The FAQ that went with the adoptopenjdk has the corporate approved answers to those questions.   It is attached here.  (please see attached)


1591212077509__Layer7_SiteMinder_AdoptOpenJDK_Announcment_Final.pdf get_app
1591212072172__Oracle JDK Decision Tree.pdf get_app