debugging event procedure attribute values
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debugging event procedure attribute values


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are constructing an event procedure with regex to parse out strings from a trap, and generate new events and alarms from the parsed text. We enabled event_disp_error= file in .vnmrc and have output showing this event procedure, but the procedure is not working. Is there further debugging available? 


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There may be issue with the variables of the trap and regex unable to parse the proper strings. 


There is event variable debugging function "DebugValue()"  available to use and it will dump the event variables to the event_disp_file for review.

The following is an example of its use for dumping event variables for event 0xfff00000: 

0xfff00000 E 50 P “DebugValue( { S \”event varbind list dump: \” }, GetEventVariableList() )”


Note: It is recommended to not copy and paste the entry above as the KB article may have hidden format characters that would cause the
            SS to have parse errors when compiling. If possible manually type out the entry above.

Additional Information

Further details on DebugValue can be found in Spectrum Guides: