Upgrading Unified Reporter from UIM 8.51
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Upgrading Unified Reporter from UIM 8.51


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The following information is relevant to UIM customers intending to upgrade from UIM 8.51 and who also use/run Unified Reporter.


UIM 8.51


Customers intending to upgrade from existing UIM 8.51 installations or prior should note that Unified Reporter
can be upgraded to the 9.0.2 release (which is a mandatory release required for further upgrades) however,
after this point, Unified Reporter is no longer compatible with subsequent releases (9.0.2, 9.2.0 and 20.1).

At 9.0.2 the option to install or reinstall Unified Reporter was also removed so only an upgrade to 9.0.2 is possible.

It has always been Broadcom's intention that customers will migrate from Unified Reporter to CA Business Intelligence (CABI) for reporting requirements.

With the above information, we are strongly advising all customers who are at UIM 9.0.2 and prior to do the following:

- Install CABI (bundled or external) if not already installed

- Convert any custom reports from Unified Reporter to CABI
note: CABI already comes with a good set of 'out of the box' reports which is likely to meet most customer requirements so
those should be reviewed first to determine if they meet requirements prior to creating custom reports.

- Once the reporting has been migrated to CABI plan/schedule further UIM upgrades as required but removing the need for
Unified Reporter.