DA to DR heartbeat check
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DA to DR heartbeat check


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How does the DA to DR heartbeat check work, and why may it sometimes go into a "DEGRADED" state


CAPM 3.x


If the DR is too busy to service our heartbeat query, it will be reflected when we get the heartbeat message saying it took X seconds, and if it hit the threshold, we go to a DEGRADED state

  • DEGRADED means it is taking more than the threshold to get back a heartbeat
  • Heartbeat Threshold is 20 seconds
  • Heartbeat check every 10 seconds
  • DOWN after 5 minutes of no heartbeats (must miss all heartbeats)

So the DA checks every 10 seconds if DR is up.  If DR takes more than 20 seconds to reply we go into a degraded state.  If there are no heartbeats for 5 minutes the DA will go down