CA Easytrieve Report Generator : S0C4 abend occurs in the Easytrieve program, but if the same program is rerun without modification, the program finishes normally.


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A S0C4 abend sometime occurs in a Easytrieve program. However, if the same program is just rerun without modification, the program finishes normally without any problem. Why? 


Release : 6.4

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator


If the program has no incorrect code ;  (For example, A record length is wrong. Length of a defined field is wrong (It exceeds the record length, etc..). Length of a arrays field wrong. Subscript for a arrays field is wrong. etc..)

Please check that the allocation of the EZTVFM is specified in the execution JCL.

(The space amount should be increase if necessary. That will change depending on the target program. )

The EZTVFM is used as working file to run of a Easytrieve program.  
For example :
The work file at the compilation.
The intermediate file when SEQUENCE is specified in a program.
The intermediate file when multiple reports are defined in a program.
The definition files that VIRTUAL keyword are specified to.   

If the amount of the EZTVFM is insufficient, a S0C4 abend can occur.