Explanation of the different Telnet/SSH connection types under the user preferences -> Topology Tab.


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We want understanding/documentation explaining difference between below 3 options under user preferences --> Topology tab:


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


1. Connect to the device through OneClick web server and SpectroSERVER

This is the default mode which will effectively do the “Telnet” or “SSH” TCP session starting from SpectroSERVER connecting to the remote device for the given model’s “Network Address” attribute. The communication goes from the OC Console workstation to the OC Tomcat server and is then routed to the SpectroSERVER which then accesses the remote device.

The major advantage in a secured environment is, that all connections (e.g. through firewalls) are done from the SpectroSERVER machine.

2. Connect to the device through SpectroSERVER

This connection method will work in the case where the OC Console workstation is capable to connect to (should this be is connected to??) the SpectroSERVER machine. This is a requirement and is not always possible. However the performance of the Telnet/SSH session is better than with option 1.

3. Connect to the device directly

This connection method will access the device from the OC Console workstation directly. This is the best performance option but requires the network security to allow native access from the workstations to the remote devices. Very often this is not possible.