Getting Message MCH0601 wait when doing XCOM SSL file transfer
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Getting Message MCH0601 wait when doing XCOM SSL file transfer


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Receiving the following message wait on the iSeries when performing a  XCOM SSL file transfer initiate from a Linux/Unix server to iSeries:

     LBE7204 message "Application error.  MCH0601 unmonitored by CAXC2TCP at statement 0000000001, instruction X'0000'"

 if the MCH0601 message is preceeded by

     XCM6231    Information      00   06/05/20  20:37:34.688595  XCOMMSG3    XCOM3    006E  XCOMTSLV   XCOM3    0284   
                                                 Message . . . . :   Unknown TP: DISCOVER


Release : 11.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for AS/400 i5/OS


The cause of the message is due to having set parameter TRNENCRL_CIPHER= to something else other than TRNENCRL_CIPHER=COMPAT. XCOM AS/400 i5/OS supports only TRNENCRL_CIPHER=COMPAT. This applies to transfers initiated from Linux/Unix/Windows.


On Linux/UNIX/Windows change the parameter to TRNENCRL_CIPHER=COMPAT and the transfer to XCOM r11.0 on AS/400 i5/OS will not receive the MCH0601 message.

XCOM on Linux/UNIX/Windows has a parameter TRNENCRL_CIPHER, the only value supported by XCOM AS/400 i5/OS is TRNENCRL_CIPHER=COMPAT. If another value is specified, and an error occurs (for example FILE_OPTION=CREATE and the file already exists on AS/400 i5/OS) we will see a job on AS/400 i5/OS waiting with a MCH0601 message. There is a need to reply to this message.

Additional Information

We will create a correction so that the MCH0601 message does not happen anymore.