Host Monitor Missing Memory Metrics.
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Host Monitor Missing Memory Metrics.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


Customer would like the following Memory details from APMIA (infrastructure Agent). These stats are typically gathered Command Line Interface tools like vmstat.

  1. Memory used percentage excluding buffer/cache
  2. Free Memory  percentage including buffer/cache


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


Fixed in APM SAAS APMIA Agents

Additional Information

From  oid2metrics-linux.cnf in SaaS APMIA Sysedge Agent. These are additional metrics not in the 10.7 Agent.        IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Free Memory (KBytes)        IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Total Memory (KBytes)        IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Used Memory (KBytes)     IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Scan Rate Page (Scans/Sec)     IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Ins Sec     IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Outs Sec    IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Free Bytes Sec    IntCounter  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Frees    IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Frees Sec    IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page In Bytes Sec    IntCounter  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Out Bytes Sec    IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Reclaim Bytes Sec    IntAverage  SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Requests Page Reclaims Sec    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Active Memory (KBytes)    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Total Swap (KBytes)    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Used Swap (KBytes)    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Pages Swapped In    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Pages Swapped Out    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Pages Paged In    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Pages Paged Out    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:SwapInUsePercent    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:MemInUsePercent    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Swap Space Available (KBytes)    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Swap Space Percent Available    IntAverage    SystemEdge|{$HostName}|Memory:Page Fault (Pages/Sec)

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