VM:Tape concurrent use HSC and RMS
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VM:Tape concurrent use HSC and RMS


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VM:Tape for z/VM


I am running CA-VM:Tape v2.0 with STK 9840C tape drives under zVM 6.4.
We are migrating to IBM TS7700 VTL to eventually replace the STK 9840C.

Can I run both TS7700 and STK 9840C tape drives at the same time?

Can I specify both 'PRODUCT RMS' and 'PRODUCT HSC' in VMTAPE CONFIG?


Release : 2.0

Component : CA VM:Tape for zVM


Yes, VM:Tape can definitely run with both the RMS and HSC interfaces active and being used simultaneously.
Sometimes with these more complex environments (multiple VM:Tape "locations", etc...) it becomes necessary to implement a COMMAND and/or ALLOCATE EXIT to make sure each application's tape mounts get directed to the correct set of drives, and media.

Additional Information

How to set up the interface is fully documented in VM:Tape's Administrator's guide at: