How to create and deploy a custom processes probe package to monitor specific processes
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How to create and deploy a custom processes probe package to monitor specific processes


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is it possible to monitor the required processes on all robots from the hub itself instead of manually going through each robot and configuring it? Is there any template or any way to do this required process monitoring in all robots at one go?  By default  I have in my use case 4 processes need to be monitored in all robots. How to achieve this?


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - PROCESSES


- ease of deployment configuration
- For discussion of how to use MCS for this purpose see:


If you choose NOT to use MCS, you can following these simple instructions to monitor 1 or more processes on a given machine.

Assuming that there is already an existing processes probe package deployed to the robot, you can use this process. If not, you can create a superpackage which contains multiple probe packages as well and use that instead.

My example configured profiles for crond, sshd and ps processes on a Linux machine.

a. Configure the processes probe profiles (Create Monitoring profiles), for the processes you want to monitor.

b.Test the process via the Test button to confirm it picks up a single process, Click Ok, then Ok again, then Yes to save the profile.

c.Drag and drop the process probe to the Primary Hub's local archive and Rename it. Give it a logical name for the package, e.g., processes_Linux_RHEL7.

d.Double click your newly created package to open it.

e.Rt-click the processes.cfx and choose "Save file as..." and save it to your Desktop.

f. Press Ctrl-F to find your added processes and delete all other entries but keep the sections for the processes for which you created profiles.

For example,

active = yes
description = Monitoring crond
action = none
command = /usr/sbin/crond
arguments = -n
process = crond
process_count_type =
process_count =
report = down

g. Rt-click the existing processes.cfx in the probe package and delete it.

h. Rt-click and "Add File..." to Browse and select the new processes.cfx file from where you saved it on your Desktop. Note that you can enter a new Group name in the package, e.g., Custom, but that is Optional.

i. Click Ok.

j. Deploy the custom probe package to the robot.

k. During your first test of the package creation and deployment process, check to make sure the probe profiles were added (Check under the Profiles Tab). I deleted my profiles first in the probe on the system to make sure they were recreated/re-added

l. Deploy the custom processes probe package.
You can deploy the package to a Group of Robots within IM, after creating an Infrastructure Group of robots, or to an individual robot, or a Hub that is the parent of the given Linux robots.

This process can be performed for any type of Robot for Windows, Linux, AIX, etc.