REST calls to Data Aggregator via curl return error after moving from to HTTPS


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We have recently enabled SSL on the Data Aggregator to run on port 8582.

Everything seems to work but REST calls issued via CLI or scripts that use curl are failing.

No error is returned. Instead it returns an empty reply with no information.

Browser based standard REST calls such as these pages work fine and return expected information.

The curl statement in use is as follows, where DA_Host is the real DA_Host name, and TENANT-NAME is the real name of an existing Tenant.

curl -k -X POST -H "content-type: application/xml" "http://DA_Host:8582/rest/tenants/filtered" -d 
'<FilterSelect xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="filter.xsd" xmlns:xsi="">
<Tenant.Name type="EQUAL">TENANT-NAME</Tenant.Name>


CURL statement is updated to use new port for Data Aggregator but not new web scheme.


All supported Performance Management releases


Change the targeted URL to use https instead of http.